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A channel dedicated to TAO platform and extensions developers. Submit your patches, discuss issues and features, ...
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RE: Is there a guide to writing custom interactions?
Ask for our help.
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RE: issue with videos
Share your items with the community (QTI, Open Web Items).
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RE: [Solved] Youtube Embed
CBA Standards
Discuss what standards TAO should comply with.
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RE: An interesting question about APIP
Submit your translations, find out how to use TAO in other languages.
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RE: Additions/corrections to the Spanish translation
Scalability towards the TAO platform.
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RE: PHP 5.4 - Improved performance and reduced memory con...
Discuss topics about Computer Based Assessment, TAO, Semantic Web, Technology ...
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RE: Not Getting Results in One Go
Other topics.
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Graphic Interactions Accessibilty

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